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TOUCHSTONE MSP 's functionality supports real-time product life-cycle management. The system can be quickly tailored to directly support your fulfillment, delivery and product service requirements through its Work Order Management module. Integrated job support allows you to directly manage either in-house or out-sourced activities that directly support the delivery, installation and/or servicing of your products and services.

TOUCHSTONE MSP provides support for both full scale and pilot programs. For large and complex programs, the system functions are easily customized to meet your program / product delivery and support requirements.

Work Management functions include:

Tracking key milestones, job related activities and required equipment.

Issuing work orders to in-house staff or out-sourced contractors to fulfill sales delivery or service commitments.

Assigns and schedules jobs to available or qualified contractors, installers, and inspectors by type of work required and availability.

Randomly select jobs for 3rd party inspection including generation, assignment and scheduling of inspection work orders.

Manages inventory based on services scheduled, completed or products sold. Manages multiple suppliers pricing by area, availability, economics, or efficiency. The system also prepares shipping schedules to support your sales fulfillment processes.

Manages the costs associated with outsourced contractors by area, availability, economics, and work performed.