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Marketing programs that target the SAME Customer segments require a high level of coordination and sharing of information among the Sales staff. TOUCHSTONE MSP provides timely, up to date customer contact information and sales history while streamlining and automating necessary tasks.

With TOUCHSTONE MSP's database, program activities are handled and tracked in one central location, giving you the ability to perform various sales related activities for multiple products within the same sales session.

Customer demographics collected from past sales activity may be used to identify customers during the sales process that are likely to buy other products or participate in alternative programs.

Sales Support and Fulfillment functions include:

Assigning Leads collected from various internal and external sources. Leads are assigned according to product / program specific criteria, to those responsible for further qualification or to direct sales for follow-up and closure.

Identifying and validating eligible Customers during initial sales qualification.

Generating standard or customized correspondence, mailing labels, and provides access to prior contact activity.

Tracks various types of Customer contact activity including phone calls, visits, requests for information, and correspondence. The system allows you to define relationships between customers and identify all relevant contact persons.

Benchmarking a customer's energy usage by comparing it to an average of similar customers' usage over the same period of time. This graphic depiction enables the user to better understand the customer's energy position and can aid in selecting the product or service best suited to his needs.

Satisfies requests for brochures, information packets, applications, and other materials for a given product or service during the sales process. Each request is logged, tracked and posted for fulfillment.

Allows your sales staff to produce detail proposals for complex programs including both costing and pricing alternatives with profitability analysis.

Interfacing directly to Work Management functions to assign and schedule work required to complete sales fulfillment requirements.