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Moore Energy Services Group, Rosen/Brown Direct, Touchstone Systems, and Energy Market Solutions Announce a Marketing Alliance for Offering Complete Direct Marketing and Business Communication Solutions to Energy Industry

In a move towards providing a comprehensive solution to help utilities improve their ability to retain and acquire customers, Moore Energy Services Group, Rosen/Brown Direct, Touchstone Systems, and Energy Market Solutions have announced a four-way strategic alliance. This alliance expands each firm’s offerings to now include strategic marketing consultation, marketing database creation, IT system integration and document production capabilities that help utilities communicate more effectively through direct mail, the bill, the call center and the Internet.

Moore Energy Services Group is the marketing and systems integration arm of the Customer Communication Services division of Moore Corporation that is offering complete direct marketing and billing solutions to utility companies. These solutions include both print and electronic bill presentment, marketing database development, direct mail creative and production, literature fulfillment, telemarketing program development plus mergers and acquisitions communication programs. Moore’s systems integration offering includes an energy specific server based solution that delivers converged billing by enhancing output from one or more billing systems, thereby eliminating the need to replace legacy systems.

In order to expand its ability to solve customer problems and challenges, Moore sought out and entered a strategic alliance with select, “best in class” providers of direct marketing strategy, database development, and customer research that can broaden the range of customer communications programs to meet a variety of energy industry needs.

Rosen/Brown Direct is a leading full service, ROI-driven advertising agency that provides complete direct marketing and branding solutions within an integrated media strategy. During the past 15 years, the agency has developed customer retention, expanded product offerings and other revenue enhancing programs for over a dozen utility clients. Rosen/Brown has received 26 Echo Awards for excellence in the direct marketing arena.

Touchstone Systems develops turnkey energy marketing database platforms to address the utility companies needs for managing the marketing of new products and services to an expanding customer base. Touchstone’s Marketing Support Platform enables a company to integrate product sales and fulfillment data into a common database that can provide support for a wide variety of needs, ranging from sales, to operations, to image processing and billing.

Energy Market Solutions is a utility-focused marketing strategy firm that helps clients develop customer focused, value-based marketing strategies to build customer loyalty. EMS uses their combination of utility and competitive industry experience to help clients identify what customers value, which customers to target, and what clients should do to acquire and/or keep those customers. EMS does this using existing client data or with newly developed data.

The marketing alliance’s strategy approach of enhancing each other’s offerings and leveraging current industry relationships will help energy services companies that are making strategic customer communication investments now to prepare for deregulation.

“Today, utilities face multi-faceted challenges that require juggling current regulatory environments with future deregulated environments”, said Ron Reinhardt, Managing Director of Moore Energy Services Group. “This alliance brings to utilities the skills, expertise, and cost effective solutions necessary to ensure the strong customer relationships and loyalty needed for overcoming these challenges.”

Moore Corporation Limited (TSE, ME, NYSE: MCL) provides products and services that help companies communicate through print and digital technologies. As a leading supplier of document formatted information, print outsourcing and data-based marketing, Moore designs, manufactures and delivers business communications products, services and solutions to customers.

Contacts: Ron Reinhardt, Managing Director, Moore Energy Services Group (888) 324-4432 rreinhar@rms.moore.com

Richard Rosen, President & CEO, Rosen/Brown Direct (503) 224-9811 extension 128 richardr@rosenbrown.com

Sandy Stone, President, Touchstone Systems (302) 324-5322 sstone@touchsys.com

Richard Wight, President, Energy Market Solutions (770) 455-6994 rwight@energymarketsolutions.com

Robert Kunio, Vice President, Global Technology Development, Moore Corporation (847) 367-3040 robert.j.kunio@email.moore.com