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Outsourcing of marketing functions is a common practice and getting needed data to contractors is often time consuming and manually intensive. Contractors working from remote sites make program coordination difficult and often result in complex management procedures.

With TOUCHSTONE MSP, needed information is always on hand. TOUCHSTONE MSP can support Contractors in several ways. Direct access to TOUCHSTONE MSP through dial up or direct connection being the most effective. Outside contractors who perform service or fulfillment related tasks, may be given direct access to the system. This approach enables the contractor to directly receive and process Sales Leads and Work Orders. In addition, necessary data exchanges can be performed to support interfacing to internal systems. Thus, all customer contact, job status, and work activities can be kept up to date resulting in job status information being immediately available to all users.

Contractor Management functions include:

Enabling Contractors to have multiple service authorizations across program and geographical service areas.

Tracking Contractor insurance and license status as required for maintaining eligibility to provide services.

Tracks various types of Contractor contacts including Contractor calls, visits, and correspondence.

Costing and tracking activities performed by the out-sourced contractor directly within the system according to established contractual obligations.