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TOUCHSTONE MSP uses the following technical architecture as the operational base for system implementation;

TOUCHSTONE MSP uses a Windows based environment (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 3.5, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP) consistent with the general direction of Client/Server standards in a multi-tiered Open Architecture.

TOUCHSTONE MSP works well with fully ANSI standard SQL database management systems such as Oracle, Sybase and DB2. Others may be used with technical adjustments.

Communications networks of all types are compatible with TOUCHSTONE MSP including Microsoft, Novell and Banyan network protocols. Although the system has been successfully tested and operates in a 28.8kb dial-up configuration, we recommend higher speed TCP/IP connections to improve performance with remote locations.

Pentium based PC hardware with 32 Mb to 512 Mb of RAM (depending on operating system), 200 Mb of available disk storage, 800 x 600 SVGA display with 4 Mb video card, and Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98 or ME operating systems.